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Handcrafted Bentwood Rings - A Different Kind of Jewelry

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What's New?

Sugilite is Here!

This rare and beautiful semi-precious stone is now available at Ridge Line Rings! Sugilite can be found in deposits all over the globe, and have an incredibly beautiful purple hue that is sure to enhance any style of ring.

Rings With Character

Ridge Line Rings is focused on bringing natural, hand crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry to every customer who seeks a break from the norm. We are proud to offer rings that hold significance and beauty that is as unique as the individual buying them. From the very beginning, these pieces have had the ability to bear special significance and connection to the wearer that is unrivaled by most traditional jewelry. Go find something that speaks to you!

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Why Bentwood?

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So What's the Big Deal?

The process of making a bentwood ring requires a great deal of time, dedication, and attention to detail to make a ring of incredible quality. They cannot be mass-produced on lathes that turn out hundreds of rings a day. So why do we bother with this process that is so much more involved and time-consuming? Because making a ring in this style produces a piece of jewelry that has strength, durability, and beauty that cannot be matched by traditional wooden rings.

The way a bentwood ring is made starts by taking a thin strip of wood, steaming it, and then bending around a circular guide to get the desired size and shape. The huge advantage to this is that the bending of the wood eliminates the end-grain that you would normally have on either side of a traditional ring. The end-grain is where the wood will be the most brittle and likely to crack, break, or warp when subjected to water. Because bentwood rings do not have these weak points, they display incredible strength and durability, as well as being waterproof! If you have seen lathed wooden rings before, you are probably familiar with the large bulky profile that they have. Bentwood rings can be made much thinner without compromising strength and can therefore gain the profile of a more classic piece of jewelry. Each ring is layered with 9 coats of high-strength polymer that protect it and make the ring great for everyday wear.

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